The digital city and the art of light

Data driven platforms for the smart city and architectural lighting projects to provide new illumination for our national heritage. Services and solutions from Enel X for public administrations and citizens took centre stage at Forum PA Città and RO:ME Museum Exhibition.

Published on 3 December 2019

The digital city and the art of light

What do Baroque Rome and smart cities have in common? Or the archaeological site of Pompeii with platforms for digital citizens? Mont Blanc and the EXPO 2020 in Dubai? The answer is the innovation of Enel X. We placed these different, (apparently) distant worlds at the centre of two events that took place in Rome almost at the same time:  Forum PA Città and RO:ME Museum Exhibition.

Digital City: a shared, circular platform

At the latest edition of Forum PA Città, the annual Italian convention on smart cities, the discussion between local administrations and business touched on the principal drivers of technological innovation – from 5G to blockchain, Artificial Intelligence to the Internet of Things – and their role in the smart transformation processes concerning the urban context.

Enel X, main partner of the event, brought its portfolio of services and solutions for building the so-called “digital city” and an idea, which has already become reality, that allows public administrations, businesses and citizens to work together on a shared project.

We presented YoUrban©: a portal for municipalities which is also an app for citizens, allowing both to actively participate in improving public lighting.

  • The app (for iOS and Android) is available free of charge and allows every resident to monitor faults, flag them and share this information with other users in real time through geolocation, directly from a smartphone.
  • The web portal provides municipalities with maximum control over the level of services offered by Enel X and enables them to monitor progress. This way public administrations can flag problems, monitor the status of a fault and use full reporting systems for all the services managed (work, maintenance, consumption).

Enel X - YoUrban

YoUrban is easy and quick to use, a service to flag faults in public lighting structures and monitor the status of the response. It is a portal at the service of public administrations that are clients of Enel X, and also an app available free of charge for all residents.


Articles, case studies and videos to use Enel X energy in the most efficient way

stories for cities

Building the future of Italian cities together with public administrations

Enel X brought its experience and solutions for Italian municipalities to the 36th ANCI National Assembly. Innovation and integration are at the heart of the partnership with public administrations, helping shape a sustainable, efficient, digital and liveable urban ecosystem.

stories for cities

Start up/ Light up: a competition to innovate lighting

AIDI - Associazione Italiana di Illuminazione (the Italian Lighting Association), of which Enel X is a member, has launched a competition for innovative projects related to lighting, home automation and the smart city.

stories for cities

The digital city is people-oriented

Enel X solutions for “Cities made of Dreams” took the stage at Barcelona’s Smart City Expo World Congress, delivering e-mobility, smart lighting and services for Data-Driven urban areas.