Goodbye range anxiety: travelling the roads of Italy in an electric car

The story of a journey of over one thousand kilometres in an electric car: on the road in Italy exploding the myth of range anxiety

Published on 11 December 2019

Renting an electric Nissan Leaf car for a road trip

A journey of more than one thousand kilometres in an electric car to prove that, in actual fact, range anxiety is a myth that needs exploding.

The hero of this adventure is Fabio Grappasonni, a technician at the Spoleto premises of e-distribuzione, the Enel business line responsible for managing and distributing electricity. The idea, he points out, came last summer when for the very first time he experienced the thrill of driving a fully electric car, the new Nissan Leaf Enel X Edition. “I didn’t think twice and immediately decided to lease one. For me it was a dream come true. I’ve always had a passion for model cars: I began building my first wired remote-control cars when I was just a boy. I used to power them with a battery that I would hang around my neck.” This love for electric cars has never faded. “I moved on to playing with radio-controlled cars and since then I’ve never looked back. In recent years I have moved on to helicopters and electric planes, because my other great passion is flying: whenever I get the chance, I pilot a small light aircraft.”

The preparations begin

The car arrived at the beginning of October: since then Fabio has been using it every day, for journeys of up to 100 kilometres. The vehicle is silent and very easy to drive, the cost of journeys are minimal and, most importantly, it doesn’t produce polluting emissions. Fabio then came up with the idea to head off on this challenge together with his wife. It was to last five days and, departing from Spoleto, they would make a number of stops, passing through Florence, Lucca, Genoa, Pisa, Livorno, Cecina, Volterra and San Gimignano. The trip was planned to every last detail, especially taking into account the range of the vehicle (250 kilometres guaranteed per charge). Not only that, for each stop Fabio reserved accommodation that offered the possibility to charge the car for free, taking advantage of the overnight stay. “Before leaving,” he explains,” I also downloaded the Enel X JuicePass onto my smartphone. This allowed me to identify and reserve available public charging columns, making it really easy to charge the car.”


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