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The municipality of Dello, in the province of Brescia, has entered into an agreement with Enel X for a highly energy efficient modernisation of the public lighting system.

Published on 18 December 2019

High energy efficient modernisation for the municipality of Dello - Enel X

It is now clear:  the fight against climate change is being fought in towns and cities. This is because the future of our Planet really depends on its urban centres. So what can we do? To start with, use renewable energy sources to satisfy the constantly increasing demand for energy and thus continue to support the energy transition that is currently under way. The key words of this revolution are decarbonisation, digitalisation and electrification.  And it is here that urban centres are called upon to play an important role in the drive for environmental sustainability and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established in the United Nations 2030 Agenda .The SDGs endow towns and cities with a great responsibility: the need to find a new approach to organising and developing the urban space, one that cleaves to the essential combination of innovation and sustainability.

Enel X solutions for public lighting

Every Enel X solution is created with the clear intent of offering technologically advanced products that fully respect the environment. With regards to towns and cities, the essential starting point is that most important of elements:  lighting. Our public lighting projects are developed to provide citizens with safer, smarter and more efficient public spaces. Like those in the municipality of Dello, province of Brescia, which has recently signed an agreement with Enel X for the fifteen-year management of its public lighting system including the supply of electricity.

The work to bring the system in line with current standards and make it energy efficient involves at least 1,343 light points while 61 electricity control panels will be updated with safety measures (and reduced to 56 in number) which will benefit management and maintenance costs.  904 new LED street fixtures will replace existing obsolete equipment, and the same will occur also for 107 decorative devices. The existing 120 artistic lanterns will be substituted by full cutoff LED downlights incorporating new electronic dimmers.  All the 96 iron streetlamps in the municipality will be reviewed and their ground bases renovated, or where necessary, replaced.  The agreement also includes a range of brand-new fixtures that will boost the municipal illumination system, including the busy cycle path, bringing the total to an impressive 1,415 light points.

This collaboration will significantly improve the quality of the lighting system making Dello a greener and more efficient municipality, at the forefront of technology and respect for the environment. All this benefits the community and the local area.  We hope that this marks just the first step of a long collaboration together.

Roberto Casciari

Head of Eastern Lombardy O&M, Enel X


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