Building the future of Italian cities together with public administrations

Enel X brought its experience and solutions for Italian municipalities to the 36th ANCI National Assembly. Innovation and integration are at the heart of the partnership with public administrations, helping shape a sustainable, efficient, digital and liveable urban ecosystem.

Published on 25 November 2019

Enel X solutions at the ANCI Assembly to promote investment in digital cities

How is Italy progressing in the digital transformation and the shift to smart cities? The question is addressed to institutions, businesses, citizens and investors. Italian urban centres are the most immediate testing ground and an opportune meeting point for shaping a shared, effective and lasting response.

The title of the 36th ANCI National Assembly (Arezzo, Italy, 19-21 November) was “Listen. Decide. Improve.”, which eloquently summarises the necessary urgency and direction required to meet the challenge of transformation facing Italy’s urban centres.

The event brought together all the main players involved in urban life: public administrations, citizens and businesses are all called upon to collaborate in the construction of the new model for a sustainable, efficient, digital and liveable ecosystem.

Enel X, main sponsor of the ANCI assembly, brought to Arezzo its experience, its solutions and its vision of the Circular City for Italian municipalities of all sizes.

To innovate is to integrate

The Agenda Urbana (Urban Agenda) platform, created by ANCI based on analysis carried out by Osservatorio Smart City (Smart City Observatory), has mapped over 1300 “smart city” projects throughout Italy.

According to data from the Polytechnic University of Milan’s Internet of Things Observatory, Italy spent a total of 395 million euros on smart city solutions in 2018: the investment rate grew by 24%, but the number of municipalities involved fell by 15%, compared to the three-year period 2014-2016.

The causes of this are often local. Mayors, councillors and civil service employees we met in Arezzo expressed the common and widespread need to develop medium to long-term strategies and aim for innovative, but also integrated, solutions.

At the Enel X stand, we told representatives of municipalities from all parts of Italy about our approach, our system of innovative solutions and offers, and our way of being integral partners for public administrations, from project financing initiatives to the implementation and maintenance of services. 

Enel X e-City

The cities of the future are already here with optic fiber, digital cities that are connected to the net to enable the Internet of Things; public lighting, which is more than just street lighting, can provide EV charging and surveillance services. These smart cities also provide artistic lighting enhancing the value of architectural works.


Articles, case studies and videos to use Enel X energy in the most efficient way

STORIES for cities

Start up/ Light up: a competition to innovate lighting

AIDI - Associazione Italiana di Illuminazione (the Italian Lighting Association), of which Enel X is a member, has launched a competition for innovative projects related to lighting, home automation and the smart city.

stories for cities

Ivrea, this time urban innovation comes in the form of a new LED lighting system

Public lighting in large areas of the city, which is the home of Olivetti, has been updated by the installation of 206 LED units. The initiative includes the Museum of Modern Architecture’s pedestrian walkway

stories for cities

Colombia gets sustainable public lighting with Enel X

As of April the citizens of Villapinzón and El Colegio in the Colombian department of Cundinamarca have been enjoying a new upgraded public lighting system featuring latest-generation LED lights that have a drastically reduced environmental impact