The energy renovation of a residential building in Viale Murillo

An unassuming five-storey apartment building stands at 10 Viale Murillo, on Milan’s outer ring road. Although it seems no different from the blocks surrounding it, it is in fact the only one of its kind in Italy, a pioneering example of a new way of carrying out energy renovation based not only on efficient technology but also on a mechanism of incentives that can significantly ease the financial burden on residents.

Enel X has been the driving force behind this initiative, and the company outlined the aims and methods of the VIVI MEGLIO project at the opening of the renovated building on 15 October. Among those present were the Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala, Legambiente Lombardia and other organisations including Teicos Group, which designed and carried out the renovation work, and Rockwool, which provided the rock wool panels for the building insulation.

A new paradigm

There are several reasons why the building at Viale Murillo 10 provides a new paradigm. It has involved, for example, a virtuous cooperation between organisations, public administrations and companies. “One of the residents found out about the incentives through Legambiente Lombardia’s awareness-raising Condomini Efficienti (Efficient Apartment Buildings) campaign,” explained the building’s manager Luigi Lavizzari, “and from there we involved the companies, which were very clear about the benefits that would result from the work. That’s also why the residents decided to go ahead with it.” The Milan condominium is also the first in Italy to combine both local and national energy renovation incentives, taking advantage of the nationwide Ecobonus and the BE2 contribution from the Milan city authorities.

Finally, the advantageous tax credit mechanism was adopted. Alessio Torelli, Head of Enel X Italia, describes it as “an instrument that enables the companies carrying out the work to benefit from the transfer of the tax credits relating to the Ecosisma and Ecobonus incentives from the building’s residents. We at Enel X have the financial capacity to handle this kind of acquisition, with the aim of relieving residents of a significant tranche of investment costs. We intend to use this method to create a more intense, widespread promotion of initiatives of this type.”

What concrete measures has Enel X taken? In Torelli’s words, “As well as providing the gas heat pump that replaced the old fuel oil installation, leading to significant energy savings, we contributed to the acquisition of the condominium’s tax credits, giving all residents the opportunity to pay only for the non-incentivised part of the work – in other words, around 30% of the total.” No small amount, considering that the total cost of the project was 350,000 euro.

Milan’s Mayor also highlighted the importance of this type of project. “The energy efficiency of buildings is a hot topic, side by side with the climate emergency and our growing awareness of environmental issues. The Milan administration has earmarked 23 million euros for renovation, and 4.5 million has already been paid out, benefitting 118 apartment buildings. We’re also working to encourage operators to acquire the tax credits, which represent a significant financial advantage. However, when spread out over a ten-year period this incentive loses its impact and its appeal to residents.” Sala believes that the Viale Murillo initiative provides a model that can be replicated throughout Italy. “Milan is at the cutting edge in all fields, including energy renovation initiatives. Good results here can set the pace for the entire country.” 


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