EF Solare Italia chooses Direct marketing by Enel

In October 2015 the Enel Group, thanks to Enel Green Power, signed an agreement with F2i to create an equal joint venture. Its aim is to take the lead in the Italian solar energy market.

The role of this new company, EF Solare Italia, on the renewable energy scene is to consolidate the Italian solar power sector by bringing together operational units owned by financial institutions and private operators.

This encounter between know-how and experience has enabled Enel and F2i to cut management costs by optimising O&M (operations and maintenance) and direct marketing services.

Direct marketing refers to optimised sales management in the context of energy generated by production facilities owned by industrial clients.

Direct Marketing services

EF Solare Italia’s direct marketing solutions have produced noticeably better results. This is thanks to proactive management of the plant portfolio and subsequent improvements in financial leverage. In this case Enel provides the joint venture with Direct Marketing services in exchange for payments to cover expenses.

EF Solare Italia has become Italy’s foremost solar power operator, known for its experience in M&A (mergers and acquisitions). The need to manage energy efficiently and optimise income has been met by the solutions provided by Enel.

The management services focus on:

  • Forecasting: developing statistical algorithms and forecasting models
  • Offers on IPEX: commercial offer to GME - DAM
  • Intraday market adjustments: GME -ID commercial offer
  • Metering: measuring energy generated
  • Settlement & Accounting: liquidation of energy sold
  • Billing: input to energy billing
  • Energy account contract management, guaranteed price purchase and energy services management
  • Performance Analysis: performance analysis and monitoring reports


Enel receives compensation determined according to indirect costs in the context of costs of allocated personnel and information and external services like meteorological information providers.

As a result, EF Solare Italia has been able to take advantage of Enel’s instruments and skills in the context of fees for services rendered, reducing operational and structural costs without affecting its drive to optimise the gross margin.