House Maintenance: efficiency by Endesa

The smart home of the future is comfortable, functional, efficient and safe; it is equipped with smart devices that can communicate with each other and keep the occupants’ worries to a minimum. Devices can self-regulate in order to limit consumption, maintain an ideal temperature and so on: there are no limits to the potential.

The things you take care of last longer

We at Enel Group have already seen to it. Within the context of our e-home solutions Endesa, a company that is part of our Group, has launched a product for maintenance and emergency operations to help its Spanish residential customers. The initiative has been much more successful than originally envisaged: around one and a half million customers have signed up to receive the offer.

More efficiency, less problems

Endesa’s proposal includes, among other aspects, two commercial offers respectively dedicated to the electricity and gas markets: OkLuz and OKGas.

The main benefits for those who sign one of the two contracts are: an annual ordinary maintenance check of electrical and gas appliances and telephone assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with timely technical intervention (within 3 hours of the call) that is free for the first three hours in emergency interventions (repairs); if the necessary repair time exceeds 3 hours or if parts must be replaced, the technician will immediately provide a quote for the cost of the work.

Appliances last longer with regular maintenance, and problems can be reduced by one third. Furthermore, the optimisation of efficiency also reduces the cost of bills. All at very competitive prices.

Demanding and aware customers

The initiative’s success is due to several factors: an advantageous offer, the creation of effective sales channels and an understanding of its customers and its competitors’ offers.

But a decisive factor is the offer’s perfect compliance with the new scenario of the energy market: a market where consumers are no longer simply users of a service, but are increasingly aware and demanding.

We are no longer the suppliers, and the customer is no longer a mere consumer; we coexist in an ecosystem where together we can create new ways of generating, managing and consuming energy, producing mutual value and benefits

Francesco Venturini

Chairman and CEO of Enel X