Electric cars with a sea view

If there are still some people who think electric cars are only for urban driving, one word will change their mind – Majorca. The name usually brings beaches and holidays to mind, or else the millions of tourists who flock to the Balearic Islands every summer in search of sun and fun. But now, thanks to Endesa, Majorca is also an outstanding example of sustainable mobility beyond the city streets.

Total sustainability

The entire island – around 3,600 square kilometres, one-and-a-half times the size of Luxembourg – is now open to electric cars. This is thanks to a network of six public charging stations installed by Endesa, a Spanish company that is part of the Enel Group, through an initiative co-financed by the EU’s Regional Development Fund.

The project, which is called ecaR, leaves drivers free to enjoy the island and its coastline without having a negative impact on the environment, and in a way that is entirely sustainable: the electricity delivered at the charging stations is derived 100% from renewable sources.

I knew I wanted an electric vehicle, but I couldn’t decide between a totally electric or a hybrid car, as I was worried about being able to travel long distances. Then I saw that on Majorca, where I lived, Endesa had taken a decisive step towards electrically-powered mobility by installing rapid charging points to solve the problems involved in driving this type of car

Ricard Puiggros

ecaR client

The ecaR project promoted by Endesa makes Majorca a benchmark destination for electrically-powered mobility

Pedro Pablo Sastre

Head of eCommerce, Goldcar