The second level of security in the city

It looks like a scene from an action movie: a man approaches a building; he looks around, scales a wall and enters an office through a window. A few moments later, we see him emerging from with building with his stolen loot. But the police are already on the scene. A short chase ensues and the man is arrested, having been caught red-handed.

This is not a film, however. It is a real episode that took place in the city of Iquique in the north of Chile. The public were able to watch the video images on the TV news for the very same reason that the police were able to intervene so promptly: the area was equipped with security cameras installed by Chilectra, the Enel Group’s Chilean subsidiary.

The population feels safer

The security solution in Iquique is just one example of what Chilectra has achieved in recent years. Since 2010 our surveillance camera system has been installed in 31 locations and we have sold solutions to numerous clients, in particular municipal administrations. A total of 1132 security cameras have been installed.

The benefits are clear for all to see. In Iquique police arrests have increased by 80%; in the town of La Florida near Santiago, crime has fallen by 70%; in El Bosque, also in the province of Santiago, the number of reported thefts has fallen by 21% and drug dealing by 17%. Most importantly, the population feels safer.

The security cameras are not only useful for catching burglars like the one in Iquique, they also provide surveillance against all types of threat. This could be anything from dangerous episodes like assaults, fires and natural disasters to more banal events such as traffic offences. In all of these cases, timely intervention by the police, fire service or other special agencies can facilitate not only the capture of criminals, but can also avert disaster and prevent injuries or even fatalities.

This system of television cameras for surveillance has provided decisive evidence in the investigation of crimes that have caused distress to the general public, such as the aggression at the church of Gratidud Nacional

Carolina Tohá

Mayor of Santiago

The surveillance camera project has many synergies with that of public lighting. Today security cameras represent the second generation of investment in urban security

Andreas Gebhardt

General Manager, Chilectra


In the past Villa Alemana had two security cameras, and then only in the city centre. Today we install them in the outskirts, in locations selected by the Carabinieros, in areas where the general public feels less safe

 José Sabat Marcos

Mayor of Villa Alemana