EnerNOC, global leader in smart energy management

With the acquisition of EnerNOC by Enel, we are among the global leaders in smart and digital management services for the use of electricity. The road toward active demand and demand response, namely energy efficiency taken to new heights

Published on 12 March 2018

EnerNOC, global leader in smart energy management

Digitalising the management of electricity consumption, putting active demand and demand response services into the hands of customers, whether retail or business. It is an evolving segment of the energy market and the result of the development of innovative technologies, from the digitalisation of dispatching networks to energy management systems. A service that allows you to close the circle between generation from renewable sources, smart grids and energy efficiency. Always putting customers at the centre.

With demand response, efficiency is smart

Today, in the electricity industry, systems and software used to enable demand response services are considered a precious resource. The development and implementation of grids and smart meters, combined with the use of sensors and analysis algorithms, allow maximising efficiency and optimising consumption.

It is by looking at the opportunities of this innovative segment of the energy market that we have decided to take up this challenge by bringing EnerNOC, one of the leading companies on a global level in the development of active demand and demand response systems, into the Enel Group.

The acquisition was completed in August 2017 and carried out through its subsidiary, Enel Green Power North America, which now owns 100% of EnerNOC.

As Francesco Venturini, Head of Enel X explains, the finalisation of the transaction represents "a crucial step forward for Enel and for our Business Line, and will allow us to offer an unprecedented range of energy services to our customers, both current and future."

With the inclusion of EnerNOC in the e-Solutions Global Business Line, we are strengthening our ability to benefit from the technological and digital evolution in progress in the energy sector and to open the way for the creation of new opportunities for innovative businesses, in response to the evolving needs of our customer base

Francesco Venturini

Head of Enel X

The merger of EnerNOC into the Enel Group reflects our strategic focus on technologies and services to customers and puts us at the forefront in the transformation of the energy sector

Francesco Venturini

Head of Enel X

The energy market is evolving toward a disintermediation with respect to the role of utilities. Large groups are beginning to obtain supplies from the green energy market. EnerNoc will help us along this path

Francesco Venturini

Head of Enel X


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