The Royal Palace of Caserta lit in the colors of the flag

The Royal Palace of Caserta lit in the colors of the flag

This treasure of baroque architecture was colored green, white and red for the Festival “Un’estate da re,” sponsored by Enel X

Project description:

The stunning Royal Palace of Caserta, a masterpiece of Italian baroque architecture designed by Luigi Vanvitelli at the request of Charles III of Spain, has often been compared to the Palace of Versailles, particularly given its size. Together with its grounds, it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997.

On the occasion of the festival “Un’estate da re” (July 30-Sept. 13 2020), sponsored by Enel X, the Palace’s internal façade, the fountain of Diana and Actaeon and the Aperia were the subject of a special illumination. A breathtaking effect transformed the façade of the Palace into a stunning backdrop visible from the 2.7 km of gardens that line the pools and fountains of the waterway.

For the fountain, inspired by the myth of the goddess Diana and the hunter Actaeon, who, according to the legend, was transformed into a stag and devoured by dogs for having spied on the naked goddess, a mapped illumination was used to highlight the shapes of the sculptures. These were brought to life through their reflections in the water, creating a harmonious integration with the surrounding space.

The tricolor lighting also illuminated the entrance to the semicircular structure of the Aperia, which for some years has served as the venue for summer concerts and shows thanks to a restoration project that returned the structure to its former beauty.

In particular, the Enel X project involved:

  • using 20 scenic silhouette spotlights on the Palace facade facing the gardens
  • using eight scenic spotlights through a mapped illumination on the Fountain of Diana and Actaeon
  • using one scenic spotlight on the entrance to the Aperia

Enel X at the Royal Palace of Caserta

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