Shedding new light on Ghiffa’s lakefront promenade

The scenic promenade on Lake Maggiore is more beautiful than ever thanks to Enel X’s new architectural illuminations

Project description:

The lakefront promenade at Ghiffa, a municipality on the Piedmont shore of Lake Maggiore, is now illuminated by a new generation  LED system installed by Enel X. The new sustainable, efficient architectural illuminations light up the stretch of lakefront walk between the Palazzo di Città and the Church of Santa Croce and will offer the Municipality of Ghiff an energy saving of 69%. The illuminations created in the course of the project will also enhance the surroundings of the lakefront promenade along the small promontory overlooking Lake Maggiore.

The Enel X project involved the following in particular:

  • Replacement of traditional light sources and total refitting with 3000K LEDs
  • Installation of 91 bulbs with a lamp life of 100,000/160,000 hours
  • Light fittings that are subtle and non-intrusive in terms of size and colour

Before the Enel X project

  • Total light points: 91
  • Type of light source: HG
  • Total installed power: 8.1 kW
  • Average lamp life of bulbs: 10,000 h
  • Electronic control: NO

After Enel X project

  • Total light points: 91
  • Type of light source: LED
  • Total installed power: 2.5 kW (full power)
  • Average lamp life of bulbs: 100,000/160,000 h
  • Electronic control: YES – to quickly and efficiently adjust flow

Energy saving achieved: 69%

New light on Ghiffa’s lakefront

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