Energy-saving LED lights: Stresa turns to the expertise of Enel X

Energy-saving LED lights: Stresa turns to the expertise of Enel X

Find out about the project for the lakefront gardens in the town of Stresa in the northern Italian province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola

The town of Stresa, which is on the western shore of the central area of Lake Maggiore, is in a spectacular location, and is a celebrated tourist destination. Splendid villas, gardens and historic buildings help give this lakefront town a unique atmosphere.

And in this special context the Stresa Council decided to turn to the expertise of Enel X to upgrade the existing lighting system with innovative solutions which, by using LED light sources, can ensure not only considerable savings in terms of energy and costs, but also greater security for local residents.

Analysis of the context

A meticulous analysis of the context of the lakefront gardens in Stresa, with particular attention to preserving the image of the town and its historical and artistic value, was followed by a detailed evaluation of the type of work that needed to be carried out.

Indeed, the municipal department for cultural heritage and landscape highlighted the importance of retaining the original lampposts in order to preserve the style and charm of the Stresa lakefront. This meant that the only option was to restore and reinstall the old white cast iron lampposts that are recognisable features of the gardens.

The work carried out by Enel X

The project was divided into phases in order to remove the obsolete lighting units a few at a time. An initial batch of 30 pieces will be followed by the removal and restoration of the remaining 36 lighting units. The lampposts that need to be restored are in a particularly poor state of conservation and are corroded.

The work carried out by Enel X includes:

  • the dismantling of lampposts divided into various sectors and parts;
  • the packaging of individual pieces and their delivery to the Neri company for the restoration of the lamppost shafts, branches and lanterns and all of the related decorative features
  • the refurbishment of all of the underground wiring with new cables and the complete renewal of the ground mesh system, which was – and is – first class
  • the replacement of the entire power circuit board, divided with various sectioned outlets
  • the replacement of all light sources with LED lights

Before the Enel X project

  • Number of light points: 90
  • Installed capacity: 2070 W

After the Enel X project

  • Number of light points: 90
  • Installed capacity: 1365 W

Energy saving: approximately 35%

Installation of LED lighting in the town of Stresa – Pre- and post-renovation photos


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