New LED lighting system for Muraglia and Fortino in Bari

New architectural lighting for Bari’s old town

The Muraglia and the Fortino in the capital city of Apulia shine again, thanks to new architectural lighting installed by Enel X

Project description:

The ancient fortifications surrounding Bari’s old town (known as Bari Vecchia) – a pearl of the Apulian city’s historical and artistic heritage – are now illuminated by a new, cutting-edge LED system installed by Enel X. The new architectural lighting is both sustainable and efficient, and illuminates the stretch of Muraglia (the local name for the city walls) from Via Venezia to the Fort of Saint Anthony (Fortino di Sant’Antonio), then extends towards the Basilica of Saint Nicholas and the complex of Saint Scholastica.

The project carried out by Enel X included:

  • Replacing halogen light sources and refitting them with Total RGB LEDs ; 
  • Installing 144 light fittings with a lifespan of 100,000-160,000 hours;
  • Opting for non-intrusive light sources, in terms of both size and hue;
  • Adding dimmable projectors that can produce different colours and light scenarios, thanks to electronic management.

With this new system, inaugurated on 18 February 2020, the Municipality of Bari not only benefits from a 50% energy saving, but also takes on an active role in the energy transition that affects all urban centres today due to the climate emergency. The project, designed and installed by Enel X, provides the historic complex with architectural illumination that enhances its artistic heritage, and allows for different colours and scenarios to be projected according to the Superintendency and Municipality’s requirements for special events.

Before the Enel X project

  • Total light fittings: 141
  • Type of source: JM, SAP, HALO
  • Overall installed power: 21.0 kW
  • Average light fitting lifespan: 10,000 hrs
  • Electronic management: NO 

After the Enel X project

  • Total light fittings: 144
  • Type of source: TOTAL LED RGB
  • Overall installed power: 5.3 kW (on full power)
  • Average light fitting lifespan: 100,000 hrs (L80B10) – 160,000 hrs (L80B50)
  • Electronic management: YES – 2 DMX-RDM systems for precise control over dimming, colour and light scenarios

Energy saving achieved: 50%

The Muraglia and the Fortino in the capital city of Apulia

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