The new Cittadella Bridge architectural lighting

The new Cittadella Bridge architectural lighting

The new Cittadella Bridge, Alessandria

Project description:

  • Illumination of the road, pavement, arch, stays and diaphragm beams
  • Use of highly efficient lights with a high colour rendering index
  • Reference lighting engineering requirements and parameters respected
  • Visual impact of light fittings minimised by confining their position to dedicated areas
  • Installation of Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) technology to enable the lighting to be regulated for daily use (functional lighting), celebrations (architectural lighting) or for special events (accent lighting).

The aim of the project was to accentuate the bridge's unique architectural features and to trace their movement enhancing the dynamic lines of Richard Meier's architecture. The visual impact is also minimised through the use of devices that don't require the installation of posts or other vertical elements along the bridge, ensuring the overall view of the structure remains unaltered.

In addition to their adjustable intensity, the lights are also equipped with the innovative DALI management system: a state-of-the-art digital interface for controlling and programming lighting systems.

Indeed, the system is designed to enable remote management and can be flexibly and dynamically programmed to switch on the system and generate genuinely spectacular light effects.

Post-project completion:

  • Total no. of lights: 94 spotlights
  • Lighting type: LED
  • Total installed capacity: 5 kW
  • Life expectancy of light sources: 15 years

Energy saving: 60-70% compared to a traditional lighting system

Cittadella Bridge – post-project completion


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