New light for Palazzo Borromeo

New light for Palazzo Borromeo

The Italian Embassy to the Holy See

Project description:

The project to renovate the lighting at the Italian Embassy to the Holy See involved both the Palazzo's internal and external areas.

In particular, the work undertaken by Enel X focused on:

  • Replacing the traditional lighting with LED light sources
  • Installing LED lighting with a high colour rendering index (up to >CRI 95) to enhance the presentation of the internal spaces and works of art
  • Restoring and extending the functioning of the system to ensure it operates to its full potential
  • Using precision optics to create a uniform luminous flux
  • Using lighting that is non-intrusive in terms of both size and RAL colouring
  • Complying with light levels established in the current legislation

The project used fittings with minimal visual impact that were capable of using the quality and natural value of white light to best present the Palazzo's architectural and artistic heritage.

The barrel-vaulted internal entrance halls, in which the old system's power points were retained, are now bathed in a more consistent flow of direct light, lighting the main approach to the “San Carlo Borromeo Chapel” and the grand staircase leading to the piano nobile.

The piano nobile was also re-lamped using appropriate museum-type LED lights with a high colour rendering index.


  • Total no. of lights: 169
  • Lighting type: fluorescence and metal-halide
  • Total installed capacity: 13.2 kW
  • Average life expectancy of light sources: 10,000 hrs

Dopo l'intervento di Enel X

  • Total no. of lights: 180
  • Lighting type: LED
  • Total installed capacity: 4. 1 kW
  • Average life expectancy of light sources: 60,000 hrs

Energy saving: 69%

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