The Enel X project in Bologna

The Enel X project in Bologna

Bologna's street lighting has gone smart


  • Supply of electricity
  • Replacement of 32,600 old street lights with: 21,500 Enel Archilede LED devices for street lighting, 7,500 urban furniture devices, 3,600 LED devices
  • Modernisation of 5,100 traffic lights
  • Installation of a remote control system for 33,000 light points, to manage and control lighting equipment and electricity distribution boards It is also capable of providing a platform for services such as Wi-Fi hot spots, video surveillance systems, monitoring stations and traffic control sensors.  
  • The city of Bologna was also the first site for a Proof of Concept (PoC) trial of the adaptive lighting solution. The project includes an advanced system of video cameras that, based on traffic intensity, can automatically regulate lighting levels in compliance with the UNI 11248 / EN 13201 regulations.


  • Electricity consumption reduced: -10 million kWh annually
  • CO2 emissions reduced: -8 million tonnes annually
  • Improved lighting quality
  • Improvements to public spaces, such as parks, gardens and pedestrian-only areas
  • Fewer faults and a better service
  • Improved safety for streets and people

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