EMS, the energy efficiency platform

Enel X’s Energy Management System guarantees commercial and industrial customers improved energy efficiency by keeping them constantly updated on their consumption levels and optimisation opportunities alike

Published on 4 September 2019

Software for energy management and improving company efficiency- Enel X

Energy awareness is synonymous with intelligence and sustainability. Thanks to the development of innovative technologies, businesses can now embrace energy efficiency good practices that are more effective than ever and are actually revolutionising our impact on the environment.  Consumption monitoring is the key to changing the way we use energy. Indeed, energy awareness is something we can acquire by building up a detailed picture of how and when we consume energy in our businesses and then following that up with adopting solutions tailored to optimise the use of machinery, reduce costs and comply with current EU energy efficiency directives. 

Through its intelligent digital platforms, Enel X’s e-Industries global product line is making a vast array of services available to commercial and industrial customers in order to help them understand and optimise their energy consumption in an efficient and sustainable manner.  

The EMS (Energy Management System) digital platform in particular was created for medium-to-large C&I (Commercial & Industries) entities and allows them to gather, analyse and compare consumption data from any energy vector (e.g. electricity, gas, water, thermal) from customer-specific systems in real time. The software sends instantaneous notifications by email/text message when consumption levels stray either above and below a predefined threshold and can automatically suggest corrective actions for optimising consumption and related energy spends.

Essentially, the data from each piece of machinery are sent to the EMS software which processes them in real time and then provides a series of services: constant remote consumption monitoring, comparisons between energy spends of the business’s various sites, consumption and cost forecasts,  and benchmarking analyses and advice on optimising costs.  

All of this translates not just into energy and financial savings benefits, but allows customers to embark on a new energy efficiency path. This in turn makes it easier for companies to get closer to achieving the sustainability goals that are now deemed vital for any successful, forward-looking business.  

Most companies, in actual fact, spend thousands of euro on their energy bills without being aware of which factors are contributing to excessive consumption or which production areas they can work on to reduce waste and polluting emissions.  

The EMS digital platform provides Enel X customers with a tool that, by pinpointing inefficiencies, can compare a company’s current energy profile with what it could achieve. This can be done by simply implementing the optimisation and efficiency “suggestions” made by the software to deliver intelligent and, most importantly of all, more sustainable consumption. 

Typical optimisation and efficiency suggestions would be remote management of equipment such as heat pumps. Remote control of air conditioning systems is a typical example of how Enel X can enhance the value of customers’ assets to guarantee savings and improvements to operational management. 


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