Energy as a Service, the solution for companies seeking to optimise their energy use.

Enel X offers innovative, integrated solutions that enable business clients to manage their entire energy portfolios efficiently, profitably and sustainably.

Published on 9 April 2019

Enel X Energy as a Service

Energy as a Service” explained

Within the context of an increasingly complex energy system, the sound management of energy assets and contracts becomes mandatory for companies to stay competitive. Managing this complexity with an energy expert means to rapidly monetize over the company’s energy portfolio without the onerous investment of training internal resources in energy management, which de-focuses the business from its key priorities.and By delegating the management of energy assets and contracts to a trusted partner, companies can now minimise the energy risks, cut costs and in some cases, maximise the revenue  generation opportunities through the integration of new solutions and technologies

Four macro-trends are encouraging a shift to the new energy paradigm

The energy sector and all those playing a role within it, including consumers, are experiencing a profound transformation driven by four macro-trends:“Energy as a Service” explained


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focus on e-mobility

2019 MotoE: first electric motorcycle World Cup revs up with Enel X

The first all-electric motorcycle world cup is under starter’s orders. Enel X will be supplying all the necessary charging infrastructure and new generation solar panels to power the e-paddock with renewable energy. The aim is to turn the competition into the world’s most advanced zero emissions e-mobility event

focus on e-Mobility

Formula E, supercharged by Enel X

The single-seater e-car championship is back, even faster this year and with increased range thanks to charging by our Formula E Edition JuicePump, specially designed for Formula E by Enel X to ensure a truly thrilling spectacle

focus on for businesses

UBM, the intelligent platform to help make your company consumption levels more efficient, has arrived in Italy

Enel X’s Utility Bill Management service will help you pinpoint the main culprits behind the energy usage and spending in your company by using a single tool to analyse and compare all your energy, water and waste bills

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