UBM, the intelligent platform to help make your company consumption levels more efficient, has arrived in Italy

Enel X’s Utility Bill Management service will help you pinpoint the main culprits behind the energy usage and spending in your company by using a single tool to analyse and compare all your energy, water and waste bills

Published on 2 April 2019

Utiliy Bill Management per efficienza consumi aziendali | Enel X

A business’s consumption costs are one of the focal points of its balance sheet and the new energy ecosystem is making innovative tools available that will help lower costs by making consumption both more efficient and environmentally -friendly. Enel X has developed a new intelligent platform designed specifically to offer Italian multisite companies a software that will allow them to use a single digital tool to manage all their utility bills (energy, gas, water and waste).

The UBM (Utility Bill Management) platform, which has just  been launched on the Italian market, offers clients monthly multilevel checks both by comparing individual bills to both the supply contract signed and the findings edicts issued by of the energy authority, which are updated periodically. A smart revolution that will significantly reduce waste and highlight problems and critical issues in consumption billing, all in a single cloud where your power, gas, water and waste bills will be stored in a clear, intuitive way. In fact, once customers give their consent, the bills the latter are automatically uploaded to the system once the customer gives their consent.

But that is not the end of the story because the UBM platform is also a precise and punctual opportune way tool for of detecting deviations discrepancies in consumption/costs. Furthermore, iIts software will also create a personalised report for every site/utility with the option to personalise improvement targets and compare the energy performance of several different sites. The latter detail also allows companies to compare the different consumption levels of various vectors (so-called measurement points) and, on the basis of similar square footage and employee numbers, highlight underperforming sites that can then be analysed for to identify subsequent corrective measures that wouldto improve energy efficiency and reduce waste.  

So why should a business choose to purchase a service like UBM?

First and foremost, it makes it easier to see consumption levels, checking utility bills from different suppliers and makeing energy costs more efficient. The fact that it also allows businesses to improve the performance of their sites premises through sustainability reports should not be underestimated either. The Enel X-developed intelligent platform, in fact, streamlines  actually makes the organisational and financial processes involved more ergonomic,. It not only identifyingies new opportunities for making savings and improving energy efficiency and but also analysinges energy use-related C02 emissions.  This simultaneously allows businesses to pursue a path towards environmental sustainability while also increasing awareness of this issue.   

Thanks to the digital revolution that under way across the entire the energy services universe sectoris currently undergoing, using a platform such as UBM will allow businesses to access their real-time data in real-time in  seconds, evaluate consumption trends across different timescales and pinpoint efficiency opportunities at each individual site by comparing performances between at different measurement points. They can also access all their past utility bills in order to identify any inaccuracies and instigate an investigation directly with the supplier. Customers that have opted for the Express version can also avail ofreceive technical assistance at any time simply by opening a ticket directly on the UBM. In With the Professional version, customers can avail ofbenefit from dedicated assistance by email, call centre or, for more in-depth investigationsenquiries, by contacting their designated Customer Relationship Manager for further analysis and feedback.

The UBM platform is also designed for companies with branches premises all over the world, analysing  1.2 million utility bills per year from over 100 countries.

Two versions of the service area available: Express and Professional. The Professional version differs from the basic version in by offering terms of several additional functionalitiesfeatures. For example, more than two users can access the platform and receive assistance, as stated above, not only by opening a ticket directly on the platform but also through contacting the call centre, emailing via email or by speaking with their Customer Relationship Manager. The Professional version also offers a full breakdown of the various bills by consumption, costs, tax and other values/details as well as validating these latter against standard consumption analyses and checking the figures by comparing them with the contracts signed by the customer with the manager. Lastly, UBM Professional offers a support service for investigations into deviations discrepancies in consumption and costs, and directly handles relations interactions with the utility companies on behalf of the customer.  

The future of business is looking smarter, more efficient and sustainable all the time. And corporate awareness also can now involves benefit from innovation, thanks to Enel X’s UBM platform.


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