Formula E, supercharged by Enel X

The single-seater e-car championship is back, even faster this year and with increased range thanks to charging by our Formula E Edition JuicePump, specially designed for Formula E by Enel X to ensure a truly thrilling spectacle

Published on 1 April 2019

Tecnologia  Formula E | Enel X

This year Enel X takes part as Official Smart Charging Partner in the ABB FIA Formula E single-seater electric racing car championship. The event has never lacked thrills, but this season’s great novelty is that the vehicles can complete the entire race without having to stop for the car swap – the break to change vehicles that used to be a feature of these races. Now all they need to reach the finish line is charge up before the start using technology Enel X is providing for the eleven teams in the competition.  

This technological leap forward is made possible by batteries with greater storage capacity mounted on new-generation cars and the Enel X JuicePump Formula E Edition, an innovative charging infrastructure with double the charging power of its predecessors. Specially designed for the Formula E single-seaters, these newly developed superchargers are constructed using cutting-edge technology that integrates typical e-mobility charging station solutions with engineering ideas from the aeronautical and motorsport industries.  

What’s new in the Formula E Championship

At just 200 kg the new Enel X JuicePump has half the weight of other charging infrastructure, provides twice the power and is easy to transport from one circuit to another. In particular, the Enel X JuicePump’s high power – it can charge up to 80 kW – provides a full charge in just 75 minutes, as set out in the technical regulations.  

To make overtaking easier and create even greater excitement during the races a new element has been introduced this year: Attack Mode is a feature that enables all drivers to increase engine power by 25 kW (for a total of 225 kW) on some stretches of the track. Another innovative development this season is Fanboost, a mechanism that enables Formula E fans to vote for their favourite driver on social media, giving the three with the highest number of votes an energy boost – extra power for the vehicle for a limited period of time – useful for both attacking or defensive manoeuvres on the track. 

Enel X’s role as Official Smart Charging Partner is not limited to providing the new-generation JuicePumps. To ensure rapid and efficient service, our technicians use cutting-edge technology to monitor each charging session in the run-up to the competitions and during the race, all with a view to advancing sustainable innovation

Thanks to Enel X technology, Formula E can now combine the spectacle of speed with zero-emission mobility. Today’s single-seaters can reach speeds of 280 km per hour, accelerating from 0 to 100 in 2.8 seconds, with zero carbon dioxide emissions for every 100 km of the race, compared to the figure of around 20 kg emitted by a car powered by fossil fuels. All this confirms that for all of us at Enel X the real objective is not only the chequered flag but also a future of fast, sustainable mobility.  



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