What factors should you consider when buying an electric car?

There are four main elements to consider:

  1. Battery capacity: corresponds to the equivalent of the tank capacity of a combustion engine car and is indicated in kWh.
  2. Range: depends on battery capacity and, for the models on sale in Italy, it varies from 100 km for the Renault Twizy to 632 km for the Tesla model S. The range also varies depending on various factors, including: personal driving style, road conditions, outdoor temperature, heating/air conditioning and preheating.
  3. Maximum power of the onboard battery charger: the power of a battery charger is determined by the voltage, which can be 230V (single-phase) or 400V (three-phase), and by the charging current (e.g., 10 A, 16 A, 24 A, 32 A, etc.) and ranges from 2.3 kW (slow AC charging via a cable with a domestic plug) to 50kW (fast DC charging). This determines how quickly the battery can be charged.
  4. Vehicle charging cable: every vehicle is compatible with one or two types of charging cables, which are supplied when the car is purchased or leased. These can be used at public or home charging stations.

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