How much does an electric car cost?

Prices for electric cars vary based on the model and car manufacturer.

In January 2018, the list prices of the main models in Italy were:

  • BMWi3, from €39,150
  • Nissan LEAF, from €33,070
  • Smart Fortwo, from €23,800
  • Smart Forfour, from €24,550
  • Renault Zoe, from €23,300
  • Tesla Model S, from €72,640

(source: Quattroruote, January 2018)

In order to make a comparison between the real costs of an electric car and the equivalent conventional combustion fuel model, a 10-year period should be taken into account, adding to the initial purchase price the costs related to:

  • fuel
  • maintenance
  • road tax
  • other taxes

If we include all of these factors, the total cost of an electric car is already on a par with that of an internal combustion engine car and it is expected that in the next few years the cost will fall even further, especially considering the decreasing cost of batteries due to economies of scale, technological advances and optimisation.

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