How much does a full charge cost?

Generally speaking, the cost of a full charge for an electric car varies depending on how it is charged (different charges apply at home or at a public parking area) and the battery capacity.

We can estimate that charging an average-sized car at home to have a range of 100 km costs about €4.00. The equivalent cost of driving a petrol car 100km is approximately €12.50*.

In addition, there are also charging service providers that offer not only tariffs based on the actual consumption per individual charge, but also flat rate packages for charging at public stations, allowing customers to save money on charging prices.


*Sources: Consumption was calculated based on the figures for a Volkswagen Golf - urban area; fuel prices were calculated based on the average during 2017 (January-May) based on MiSE/DG SAIE data; electricity prices were calculated based on AEEGSI data; in the case of the electric car, calculations were based on a car with a 200km range and 30KWh battery.

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