Do electric cars offer real opportunities for the country and local communities?

E-mobility is a driving force for development that can contribute to the expansion of a new highly innovative and technological industrial chain in the automotive sector, which in Italy is a of a considerable size, with annual revenues of €117 billion, about 500,000 employees and a fleet of 37 million vehicles. The Ambrosetti study "E-mobility revolution" estimates that, overall, the broader electric mobility sector in Italy has annual revenues of almost €390 billion, about 160,000 companies and 823,000 employees. Considering the market for electric vehicles alone and the revenues that can be generated at each stage of the associated supply chain, it is estimated that based on the different development scenarios considered, total revenues in Italy will range from between €24 and €100 billion by 2025 and €68 billion to €303 billion by 2030. In this context, a greater spread of electric mobility will generate a significant impact in terms of sustainability and value creation for the country and local communities.

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