Who offers boiler maintenance services and where can such services be purchased?

Boiler maintenance is mandatory1. Article 7 of Italian Presidential Decree 74/2013 establishes that the frequency of maintenance interventions is indicated in the installation company's technical instructions for use and maintenance, or in the absence of these, in the manufacturer's technical instructions for the specific boiler model. If the latter are also absent, reference is made to the UNI standards and CEI boiler standards.

The annual maintenance service is usually offered by the boiler manufacturer's service centres or by installers/maintenance technicians. Other channels are also available, for example online and large-scale retail stores.


1 Pursuant to Italian Presidential Decree 74/2013 ("Regulations defining the general criteria for the exercise, management, control, maintenance and inspection of building heating systems for winter and air conditioning systems for summer and for the preparation of hot water for sanitary purposes, pursuant to Article 4, paragraph 1, letters a) and c) of Italian Legislative Decree no. 192/2005”).

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