What types of anti-seismic upgrades can be implemented?

Improvements to a building's seismic safety can be implemented via a multitude of upgrades, all with varying levels of invasiveness and disruption. The type of upgrade project to carry out cannot be predetermined, but only decided upon through careful planning and analysis taking into consideration the condition of the building and the ultimate objectives to be achieved. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the possible upgrades:

  • Reinforcing the walls using concrete or fibreglass and carbon lattices.
  • Consolidating, for reinforced concrete buildings, the building's load-bearing structure by enveloping the beams and pillars with materials such as fibreglass and carbon.
  • Increasing the load-bearing capacity of the structure by strengthening the foundations
  • Installing seismic isolators between the foundations and the upper part of the structure to dissipate the energy produced by the structure during an earthquake, thus reducing the stress on the entire building.

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