Cementeria Costantinopoli and Enel X: it pays to be flexible

The Basilicata-based company has joined Terna’s electricity interruptibility program: a solution that safeguards the national energy system, while offering economic benefits to participants

Published on 16 December 2020

Cementeria Costantinopoli and Enel X: it pays to be flexible

On one hand, interruptibility guarantees adequate electricity supply in case of need and power outages; on the other, it provides economic benefits for the companies that make their own consumption flexibility available to the national grid.

Thanks to Enel X’s support, Cementeria Costantinopoli – a cement company based in the province of Potenza, with thirty years of experience in the pozzolan industry – has joined the electricity interruptibility program,  which aims to protect the national grid in case of emergency, through the instant interruption, without prior notice, of energy loads that have been declared available by participating users.

Cementeria Costantinopoli has joined the Energivest Consortium, which counts on Enel X as its main technological partner: a network that includes companies operating in various industrial sectors, which aims to optimize remuneration for program participants. The program enables Terna, the manager of the Italian electricity grid, to use its own remote control system to intervene in “interruptible” production sites when needed, opting to immediately suspend the energy supply or activate an emergency suspension.

Enel X’s role is to coordinate all of the activities connected to the interruptibility service on behalf of the members of the consortium. As in Cementeria Costantinopoli’s case, thanks to our flexibility team we identify the interruptible loads and/or those available and suitable for modulation. Furthermore, we prepare all the actions required to participate in the program so participants are able to enjoy its many benefits – such as the optimization of capacity allocation to individual partners, greater flexibility to boost efficiency in the energy system, and reduced risks.

Thus, Enel X confirms its position as leader in the Italian market for flexibility services, which enable companies to become active players in the national electricity system and generate a virtuous circle: participants place greater value on their own consumption, optimize their own industrial processes, receive economic remuneration and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable system, also from an environmental perspective. All of which fits perfectly with our eco-conscious philosophy.

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