Sustainability in all its beauty: Green Pea opens its doors

Changing consumption habits to change the world. The first entirely eco-sustainable concept store has opened in Turin: a project by Oscar Farinetti, with Enel X among its main partners

Published on 9 December 2020

Sustainability in all its beauty: Green Pea opens its doors

Respect is the key word to understand Green Pea, the entirely eco-sustainable shopping center conceived by Oscar Farinetti, founder of Eataly. Built in Turin, in the area of the former Carpano factory near the Lingotto multipurpose complex, it is located right next to Italy’s first Eataly store, which opened in 2007.

On December 9, 2020 the site opened to the public with 15,000 square meters based entirely on the idea of respect for earth, air, water and people. The concept store is enveloped in wood, recovered from the forests of the Fiemme Valley and Belluno area, which were devastated by Storm Vaia in 2018; construction put a strong emphasis on using recyclable materials (steel, iron and glass) and on renewable energy, including geothermal wells, photovoltaic and solar panels as well as features that capture wind power and recover kinetic energy.

A green pea was chosen to symbolize the project because it is round like the Earth and green, as our planet should be – conveying an idea of circularity that is also expressed through the slogan, “From duty to beauty”: sustainability is not only a requirement at Green Pea, but an opportunity for something wonderful.

With its natural inclination for sustainable solutions, Enel X simply had to be a main partner of the retail park, which will provide new opportunities to showcase solutions for electric mobility, artistic lighting and smart cities. Enel X will highlight products and services intended for consumers but also for companies and public administrations, to make sustainability an everyday, shared experience.

“Green Pea’s goal is to show everybody how natural it is to step into the future, with help from Enel X,” explained Augusto Raggi, Head of Enel X Italia. “At Green Pea, we show how sustainability is no longer just a goal to pursue, but a value that we incorporate into every choice, capable of changing both small daily habits and major projects for the better. Circularity, environmental protection and green living are no longer abstract concepts but tangible solutions to improve everyone’s life, every day.”

The consumer experience at Green Pea develops across five floors: four dedicated to retail (Life, Home, Fashion and Beauty) and one focused on relaxation, with the rooftop Otium Pea Club.

The products presented by Enel X clearly show the vast array of our sustainable solutions: JuicePole, the open-air charging station; JuicePark, the smart photovoltaic canopy for car parks, which provides charging for cars, scooters, bicycles and so on; the innovative Vehicle-to-Grid technology that enables electric vehicles to store energy and supply it to the grid, making the electricity network more stable; and Smart Flower, a flower-shaped solar photovoltaic device that allows solar panels to rotate and follow the sun along its daily arc in the sky.

Inside the building, visitors can interact and have fun with Enel X and sustainability thanks to 7 energy floors, located on every level. These are composed of luminescent tiles that transform the kinetic energy released by people’s steps into electricity, which is measured and displayed in real time on digital installations. We introduce ourselves with the slogan “A small step for man, a giant leap for sustainability”, recalling the first Moon landing: through videos, we tell the story of our Group’s vision and products, inviting everyone to choose sustainability in every daily habit, because one small personal step can mark the beginning of change for everyone.

Changing consumption habits to change the world is also the philosophy behind Farinetti’s openly ambitious project: “90% of scientists say that our consumption habits have become incompatible with human life on Earth,” the entrepreneur stated. “The time has come to change the way we consume. Green Pea was created precisely for this reason: our goal is to prove that it is possible, right now, to live in harmony with the planet without having to forego beauty.”

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