Leasing is a forward-looking strategy so Enel X is supporting Assilea and #allYOUneedisLEASE

Enel X has chosen to support the Italian Leasing Association’s institutional campaign because innovation and modernization are possible even in times of crisis, thanks to leasing.

Published on 21 December 2020

Enel X has chosen to support the Italian Leasing Association’s institutional campaign

The economic crisis caused by the health emergency has created a rupture with the world that we knew before, revolutionizing established models and dynamics and accelerating processes like the digital transformation and the green transition.

Businesses have had to deal with a significant downturn in the global economy and the related lack of liquidity, jeopardizing the survival of many companies.

Faced with this scenario, Enel X has chosen to respond to the appeal by Assilea (the Italian Leasing Association) and join the #allYOUneedisLEASE campaign to support and promote the culture of leasing: a financial tool at the service of business for a recovery that is smart, green and digital. These key words of the campaign fully reflect the values of Enel X.

Leasing for new digital solutions, boosting energy efficiency and e-mobility

The positive figures concerning the recovery of Italian GDP in the third quarter (+15.9%) demonstrate how businesses have managed to pick themselves up. But now they need continuity to ensure that they won’t be caught unawares by the repercussions of the second wave of the pandemic.

Enel X supports leasing as a solution for large utilities and commercial and industrial organizations that need to equip themselves with innovative solutions in the field of energy, but without the need for excessive investment that impacts negatively on capital expenditure.

New business models based on leasing and sharing goods and services have played, and will continue to play, a key role in the phases of energy provision and making consumption more efficient. Thanks to leasing, it will be possible to take advantage of latest generation solutions quickly, improving the energy performance of the business while putting into practice a genuine commitment to the environment.

Besides, looking to green mobility through leasing means setting out on a journey that has already been plotted, both for private companies and public administrations. By 2040, electric vehicles will make up 57% of all vehicles sold. And the future of company fleets and public transport will become increasingly free from emissions.

Leasing is an opportunity to transform a moment of difficulty into an opportunity: to accelerate the digital transformation, to boost innovation and increase companies’ sustainability levels. Enel X, a trusted energy partner of global scope, is inviting companies to discover the opportunities of leasing and renting to renew their commitment to progress on the road to the energy transition.

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