The public health emergency: Enel X talks to ANCI (Italy’s municipalities)

Enel X will participate in the annual general meeting of the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI- Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani) as main sponsor: the focus this year is on the response to COVID-19

Published on 17 November 2020

Enel X as main sponsor for the XXXVII National Assembly of National Association of Italian Municipalities

The public health emergency is putting enormous strain on Italy’s population and its public administrations. Enel X wants to demonstrate its support for Italy’s municipalities by acting as main sponsor for the XXXVII National Assembly of National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI-Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani), one of the most important events of the country’s public life.

Established in 1901, ANCI is a non-profit organization with a membership of approximately 8,000 Italian municipalities representing about 90% of the population. Throughout its history, ANCI has worked in support of the country’s institutions and alongside those who, like Enel X, each day are working to encourage the development and competitivity of Italy’s regions.

Italy in step with the mayors” is the title of this year’s edition, which opens on November 17 in the presence of Sergio Mattarella, President of the Republic, and ends two days later. An agenda brimming with events and discussions which this year, due of course to the health emergency, will take place entirely online.

Various issues will be tackled at the meeting, from the social and economic impact of Coronavirus to the theme of sustainability in relaunching the country. The role of the country’s mayors as “back-ups” for the Republic will be discussed, as well as health in the city, the challenges inherent in the recovery fund as a crucial lever for local councils, and much more.

Representing the Enel Group at the event is Carlo Tamburi, Head of Enel Italia, who is scheduled to take part in the panel discussion “Territori sostenibili per il rilancio del Paese (Sustainable areas for Italy’s relaunch)” on November 18. Tamburi will talk about our role in driving Italy’s energy transition and Enel X’s goal of creating an ecosystem that can best harness the opportunities in digitalization and bring social, environmental and financial benefits to the country’s municipalities.

During the assembly we will have the opportunity of presenting our innovative solutions to the public administrations, solutions which transform cities into bona-fide smart cities. The physical experience of a traditional stand will be replaced by a virtual exhibition space where it will be just as easy to make in-depth discoveries about the numerous solutions that are in our portfolio.

This will start with video analysis, a video-camera system that combines with the IoT platform to monitor crowded places in cities. Once again, we will talk about City Analytics, the suite of digital tools based on big data analysis to manage public services and urban infrastructures, and its Mobility Map. This is a solution that is now more relevant than ever, analyzing macro-flows of mobility across the country, estimating movements, distances covered and the principal points of entrance and exit to any particular geographical area (Region, Province, Municipality).

The list of solutions for Italy’s municipalities both large and small also includes YoUrban, the portal dedicated to municipalities and residents that guarantees greater efficiency in city public lighting. There is also Smart Building, a range of measures and systems that can be used to monitor and improve the energy consumption of public buildings (from photovoltaic to energy management systems).

In addition, Enel X intends to support the public administrations with sustainable urban development projects: circular and intelligent, the result of an energy system transition based on decarbonization, network digitalization and service electrification. This scenario also calls for integrated solutions for “turnkey” green public transport, including supply, management and maintenance of a vehicle fleet for public administrations. We want to use our products to support large cities and small villages in moving towards new types of services and infrastructures based on a sustainable and efficient use of the resources in the area.

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