Enel X’s algorithm for Novartis, partners for air quality

The collaboration between the two companies alongside local administrations, supporting them in tackling problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond

Published on 19 November 2020

Enel X for Novartis

Protecting the environment and people’s health by reducing atmospheric pollution. It was with this challenge in mind that the pharmaceutical company Novartis decided to further reinforce its collaboration with Enel X, turning to the latter’s experience and expertise in sustainable mobility.
The partnership was established last year at the national meeting of ANCI (the national association of Italian municipal councils) and has been renewed again with the arrival of the 37th edition, scheduled for Nov. 17-19.

The most recent scientific studies have highlighted the close correlation between atmospheric pollution and negative effects on human health, also amid the current Sars-CoV-2 (Covid-19) pandemic. Enel X therefore wanted to make its own contribution to Novartis looking not only to the present, but also to the future. Once the critical phase of the pandemic has passed, it will be necessary to rethink our cities and urban spaces from the perspective of sustainability. In particular, we have made available version 2.0 of the e-Mobility Emission Saving tool algorithm, thanks to which it is possible to calculate the harmful emissions that are saved by using electric vehicles. This algorithm (the first validated by the certification body RINA for this purpose and context) is able to calculate climate-altering and harmful emissions: carbon dioxide (CO2), and substances dangerous to man such as particulate matter (PMx) and nitrogen oxides (NOx).

This makes it possible to quantify the extent to which the environment benefits from electric mobility. Starting from the kWh supplied through its charging infrastructure, Enel X can estimate the kilometers covered by fully electric cars and therefore calculate the emissions that would otherwise have gone into the atmosphere. In summary, the kWh supplied to battery-powered vehicles are converted into CO2 saved, based on the equivalent emissions from conventional vehicles.

Moreover, in order to make the calculation of the benefits even more tangible, Enel X has included the figure relating to the quantity of CO2 absorbed by trees through photosynthesis. If we consider the quantity of CO2 assimilated by a tree in one year, we can obtain the number of trees equivalent to the quantity of CO2 saved.

Here is one example: thanks to our e-Mobility Emission Saving tool it has been calculated that the services provided through our connected infrastructure have enabled customers to travel for more than 110 million kilometers in electric mode. That has saved the atmosphere more than 13 million kilos of CO2 emissions, equal to the quantity of carbon dioxide absorbed by more than 750,000 trees in one year. The algorithm therefore has proved to be a valuable tool for studies that serve to help improve air quality in cities, which is closely correlated to negative effects on human health. This topic is obviously the focus of attention for Novartis, one of the first pharmaceutical companies ready to help in the fight against pollution as a means of preventing chronic cardiovascular and respiratory pathologies.

What’s more, the collaboration with Novartis also involves an agreement that is fully in line with the philosophy of sustainable mobility and includes the creation of a fleet of electric company cars. This will be possible thanks to targeted actions such as the electrification of Novartis premises through the installation of the Juice range of charging infrastructure and the supply of an all-inclusive package for staff who use an electric or hybrid car, including Juicebox, charging services and access to the JuiceNet Manager portal. The latter facilitates the management of vehicle charging operations and provides easy access to the data for the entire fleet, while Enel X will also be organizing training sessions for company staff.

The plan aims to fully satisfy the needs of Novartis which, thanks to Enel X, is increasingly attentive to the relationship between the environment and health and the impact on the public healthcare system.

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