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Enel X’s new home charging station: buy it by the end of the year and get a free 5,000 km of power at our public charging infrastructure

Published on 26 October 2020

Enel X’s new home charging station

A smart charging station that has an elegant design, is simple and innovative and lets you fill up with energy from the comfort of your own home. The new JuiceBox has arrived. This cutting-edge solution from Enel X lets you charge your electric car directly from your apartment or your garage. The new model takes up 70% less space, adapting even to the narrowest of garages, and is extraordinarily intuitive. The high visibility LED display immediately shows you the state of the charge and is constantly connected to the Enel X monitoring platform for remote assistance.

The new charging station is available in two versions: the JB03 (maximum power 3,7 kW) and JB07 (maximum power 7,4 kW); both can be purchased using the tax incentives that, added to savings on running costs, allow you to offset the extra expense of purchasing an electric vehicle in less than 4 years. The “Relaunch Decree” has introduced a 110% “superbonus” to upgrade the incentives outlined in the 2019 finance bill that offered a tax credit of 50% on the purchase and installation of charging infrastructure.

The Enel X offer includes the site inspection, installation, 2 years’ fully comprehensive insurance and, above all, for those who buy it before Dec. 31, 2020, a bonus of 700 kWh at our public infrastructure, corresponding to an estimated 5,000 km on the road.

The installation of the charging infrastructure will be carried out by a team of consultants and technicians who will help clients select the solutions best suited to their needs. Moreover, thanks to the Enel X JuicePass app, users will be constantly connected and can monitor the state of the charge in real time from a smartphone and plan charges by selecting the days and times they desire, based on the availability of energy at the charging stations.

Since its founding, Enel X has been committed to the development and spread of electric mobility, extending the reach of its infrastructure daily and coming up with new technological solutions. So far in Italy we have 11,000 charging stations installed (94% Quick and 6% Fast), and aim to have 28,000 by the end of 2022. The e-Mobility revolution doesn’t only offer benefits from an environmental perspective by reducing polluting emissions and the improving the quality of life in our cities, it also provides economic and practical benefits, enabling you to charge your vehicle anywhere, including from the comfort of your own home.

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