Sports are being seen in a whole new light, thanks to LED technology in Marrubiu

With Enel X’s new generation LED lighting, the Marrubiu sports ground in the Oristano area of Sardinia now combines perfect visibility with significantly improved efficiency and savings

Published on 30 July 2020

LED lighting for the Marrubiu sports ground in Sardinia

The beauty of sport is in the eye of the beholder – and also in the eye of the players. We have become used to thinking about the importance of visibility for spectators in evening competitions but have all too often we have neglected the need for players to see clearly.

The good news is that problem has been solved in Marrubiu, a municipality of 5,000 residents in the Oristano area of Sardinia. Thanks to Enel X, the football pitches there are now lit by new generation LED systems that deliver perfect horizontal and vertical lighting for spectators and players alike.  

Our company has installed 18 lights, three for each of the six floodlight towers around the pitches, adding up to an overall power of 16.45 kW and an average lifespan of between 90,000 and 120,000 hours. A particular type of  symmetrical and asymmetric optics guarantees more even lighting and better colour rendering. This means that players can enjoy the the same intensity of light across every area of the pitch while it’s also easier for spectators to follow games. And that’s not all: new generation LED technologies also improve the systems’ efficiency, so that they require less frequent maintenance.

Enel X designed the lighting using various calculations that took into account the type of local sports events, particularly the Prima Categoria (First Tier) amateur football championship. The project, which was financed through grants available under the “Growth Decree,” confirms our focus on citizens’ real needs and our solidarity with local communities all over Italy.

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