City Analytics - Mobility Map for Covid-19: Enel X and Here Technologies put their innovation at Italy’s service

To support institutions in the fight against the coronavirus, Enel X and Here Technologies have developed City Analytics - Mobility Map (Mappa di Mobilità), an innovative solution that provides useful indicators to assess the effectiveness of containment measures and to plan the recovery phase after the emergency

Published on 4 May 2020

City Analytics - Mobility Map for Covid-19: Enel X and Here Technologies put their innovation at Italy’s service

To provide an interactive map that allows institutions, businesses and citizens to assess, in real time, the effectiveness of the containment measures put into place to tackle the Covid-19 health emergency, and to support planning for the return to “normal life”: this was our goal when we developed a new – and freely available – version of City Analytics, Enel X’s technological solution for cities.

Developed in partnership with HERE Technologies, the global leader in geographical data and mapping services, City Analytics - Mobility Map charts mobility flows at the macro level across all of Italy, according to Region, Province and Municipality. The solution, designed with full respect to current privacy standards, is based on anonymised, aggregated data (originating from connected vehicles, maps and navigation systems), which are updated daily and compared to those recorded the previous day. In particular, through Big Data analysis, City Analytics - Mobility Map can estimate the percentage variation in number of journeys, kilometres travelled as well as the main entry and exit points for a specific area. It truly is a precious tool for all the institutions and organisations entrusted with managing the emergency situation we are currently experiencing.

“The new version of City Analytics is a tool developed to meet the needs of Public Administrations as they strives to tackle this emergency”, explained Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X. “Thanks to the collaboration with HERE Technologies, we have provided the nation with a tangible solution, through which it is possible to evaluate the data and the evolution of mobility flows around the country, which are also useful to plan the recovery phase”.

“HERE Technologies is determined to take full advantage of its location intelligence to fight the global coronavirus pandemic”, added CEO Edzard Overbeek. “Together with Enel X, we hope to be able to help the country contain and control the spread of the coronavirus in a way that also safeguards the privacy of Italian citizens”.

The map makes it possible to assess the impact of the measures to contain mobility during the Covid-19 emergency, to pinpoint the areas that need reinforcement and to identify, through data driven analyses, possible scenarios for a gradual return to normality. For this reason, taking into account the current situation, we deemed it appropriate to make the service freely available to anyone involved in tackling the Covid-19 emergency. The data can be consulted free of charge until 30 June 2020 by Public Administrations (central and local), organisations involved in the response, the Civil Protection agency and citizens themselves, thanks to the interactive map that can be accessed on the Enel X website. Moreover, the Public Administrations that register on YoUrban, Enel X’s portal for public authorities, will also be able to freely consult the so-called Origin-Destination Matrixes, i.e. the aggregated analysis of weekly mobility flows between Provinces, Regions and main cities, which is regularly updated.

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