Cogeneration: Enel X’s corporate innovation

Enel X realized, from July to December 2018, an innovative cogeneration system at the Società Italiana Lastre facility near Brescia, and it will produce both electric and thermal energy (in the form of hot water and steam) for in-house production purposes.

Published on 19 February 2019

Cogeneration: Enel X’s corporate innovation

Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are subjects dear to the hearts of Italian businesses. There is now no doubt that respect for the environment and a focus on avoiding waste go hand in hand with significant financial savings. In that regard, Enel X has once again delivered an innovative solution to a business customer, specifically the SIL (Società Italiana Lastre) facility in the province of Brescia, where it has installed a cogeneration plant, activated on 13 December 2018, with a nominal capacity at full-load output of 1,501 kW and combined heat power (CHP) of 1,559 kW with a thermal energy input of 3,589 kW.

In cogeneration both thermal and electric energy are produced by the same system fuelled by a single primary energy source. This means that hardly any of the waste thermal energy produced is released into environment, as would be the case with traditional plants. Instead it is recovered and then reused with clear and substantial benefits for both the company involved and the environment.

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