Demand response in Italy, another Enel X success story

Terna assigns 45% of total capacity for mixed dispatch services in 2019 to Enel X

Published on 17 January 2019

Demand response in Italy, another Enel X success story

The energy ecosystem is speaking a new language based on digitalisation, and Enel X is responding through innovation. At a time when the energy market is experiencing a radical transformation, one key answer is provided by demand response services, an area where Enel X is a leader not only in Italy but throughout the world. We have been offering this service in Italy since 2016, and Terna, Italy’s transmission system operator, recently awarded us 45% of the total capacity assigned for mixed dispatch services in 2019. Enel X, the Enel Group’s business line dedicated to digital innovation, was assigned 156.9 MW of capacity as part of the UVAM (Mixed Enabled Virtual Units) project. This is the national dispatch service promoted by Terna with the aim of stabilising the electricity grid and making it more flexible, thereby providing both security and balance.   

The annual auction for 2019 assigned a total of 349.9 MW, comprising 332.8 in northern and central Italy and 17.1 MW in the country’s central/southern and southern regions and islands. Enel X was granted the largest amount, 45% of total capacity, for a price of around 30,000 euro/MW/year. Furthermore, for the first time the auction made it possible to offer dispatch services to “mixed” production units; in other words, ones that not only consume energy but also store it, including e-vehicle charging stations.  

Enel X’s solutions confirm the company’s status as leader in the Italian demand response market through the UVAM project. This provides its clients with balancing orders in real time, meaning that they can stabilise the grid on the basis of their ability to carry out the service every time it is requested by the grid operator. Enel X currently manages a demand response capacity of over 6 GW worldwide, operating, as it does, in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

This important result is another step forward for our growth strategy in the advanced energy solutions sector in Italy, further strengthening our leadership in the demand response market. Our know-how in this field enables us to provide companies with innovative services, offering the opportunity to contribute to the energy market against a background of consumption awareness and energy efficiency. This creates increased sustainability within the system.

Francesco Venturini

CEO of Enel X

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