A smart platform to enable EV charging with clean local energy

The project will connect eMotorWerks' JuiceNet EV charging platform to LO3 Energy’s Exergy platform, to allow trading of local renewable energy between EV owners and local energy marketplaces

Published on 10 December 2018

A smart platform to enable EV charging with clean local energy

The new energy ecosystem demands a constant stream of technological solutions to lighten the load on the electricity grid through a combination of renewable resources and innovative ideas. Testing grid balancing use cases that combine demand from charging EVs with the local supply of green, affordable energy is the new challenge for eMotorWerks, an Enel X subsidiary, and LO3 Energy, an innovative company that facilitates local energy marketplaces through advanced digital services. This brand-new partnership aims to use the smart-grid control technology from the JuiceNet charging platform, for a series of microgrid and EV projects to explore high-value use cases for local energy markets.

The first part of the project, which was developed jointly by Enel X and the New York startup, will connect the JuiceNet EV charging platform to one of LO3’s energy marketplaces to allow local renewable energy to be traded between the microgrid and electric vehicle owners. This is a genuine revolution that turns electric mobility into a service that can reduce the environmental impact of charging and also put money in the pockets of car owners. LO3's Exergy™ platform underpins the data exchange that enables price signals and peer-to-peer transactions, while the eMotorWerks JuiceNet platform allows control over local energy flows, matching, in real time and in small groups, local demand from electric vehicles and households with the local supply of affordable green energy.

As well as offering our customers JuiceNet technology as a way to manage charging more efficiently, projects such as our virtual battery in California, and now this partnership with LO3, showcase how powerful smart charging can be for grid services at scales ranging from hyper-local to state and national levels. We are looking forward to showcasing how JuiceNet can integrate with LO3’s platform to make local transactions smarter, quicker and more useful for future services.

Vincent Schachter

Senior Vice-President Energy Services, eMotorWerks

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