Enel X and the Lazio Region join forces to make regional parks even greener

A Memorandum of Intent has been signed in order to create an electric vehicle charging network for the Region’s protected areas

Published on 5 December 2018

Enel X and the Lazio Region join forces to make regional parks even greener

The future of our cities depends very much on the quality of the air its inhabitants breathe. That means that we have to foster all and any initiatives that will encourage the spread of smart, sustainable, clean mobility, which is, of course, also electric. This is what spurred the signing by Enel X and the Region of Lazio of a Memorandum of Intent for electric mobility for the latter’s protected areas. It aims to create a public charging network and to encourage the growth of environmentally-friendly tourism. What could be more logical than enjoying the Region’s natural heritage in a non-polluting vehicle while also being certain of being able to charge your vehicle’s battery at the same time as you are recharging your lungs with good clean air?

“The aim of the Memorandum we signed with Enel is to improve air quality in areas of particular interest in terms of their nature and landscape,” declared Enrica Onorati, the Region of Lazio’s Commissioner for Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources, “by promoting two virtuous kinds of behaviour: using non-polluting fuels and making the most of the potential of very beautiful areas that happen to be slightly off the classic tourist circuits.”  

The main idea behind the Memorandum, which was signed by Commissioner Onorati and Enel X CEO Francesco Venturini in front of the heads of all the parks involved, is to make the installed charging points not merely a facility for citizens but also a tourist attraction that will encourage people to visit the environmental heritage offered by Lazio’s parks

We are very pleased with the agreement we have reached because we can make areas of Lazio of particular value in terms of their landscape and nature even more environmentally-friendly through our charging network. Electric mobility is proving to be a winner not just in large urban areas and, thanks to this agreement, it will also become an important tool available to people who drive electric cars in their leisure time too.

Francesco Venturini, Enel X CEO

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