Energy efficiency is now being developed for fridges

Enel X is a partner in the Cold Energy Consortium, which has developed an experimental kit to make new and existing industrial refrigeration plants more efficient.

Published on 16 January 2019

Energy efficiency is now being developed for fridges

Energy efficiency is no longer just an added value for businesses, it is now a crucial element in adopting good corporate practice aimed at promoting sustainability. Enel X is part of the Cold Energy Consortium, financed by the EU as part of the Horizon 2020 programme, to develop an entirely innovative kit that can make the refrigeration cycle more efficient by introducing a turbo-compressor inspired by automotive technology.  

The first pilot energy savings kit was developed and patented by Turboalgor Srl, the company the device is named after. It has been installed in the refrigeration unit of the Abruzzo-based facility of Di Battista Food Srl, leading company in the sector of wholesale food and frozen goods.  

Enel X’s advisory team first carried out an assessment and then supported the consortium’s dissemination and pre-commercialisation activities through meetings with local trade associations.

Enel X has also begun the process to obtain the Italian government’s certificati bianchi energy efficiency certificates for this type of installation.  

Once in place, the Turboalgor kit was tested by the certification body EUCER before becoming an integral part of the revamped refrigeration cycle.

The cold chain sector is extremely dynamic in Italy, where the country’s gastronomic traditions are closely tied to national identity and culture. For this reason, there is exciting potential that this pilot project can play a pioneering role in reducing the electrical energy consumption not only of a significant field of activity but also at national level. The technology could be rolled out across a number of industrial sectors in addition to the distribution of refrigerated and frozen foods, such as the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals and refrigerated transport, all of which could benefit from the opportunity to integrate a new instrument that can make refrigeration units more efficient.

The European project’s pilot stage includes the free installation of one of 18 kits to any company interested in installing the device in its refrigeration unit. Monitoring software provides the participating company with a real-time display of consumption in its refrigeration cycle pre- and post-intervention.  

Environmental sustainability does not simply mean a healthy planet, it also involves making efforts to generate real financial savings and a significant reduction in consumption and polluting emissions.

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