Romania, the electric mobility of Enel X is coming

On November 13 the brand was officially launched in Bucharest, whose main objective is the installation of a network of 2,500 charging stations for electric vehicles throughout Romania between 2019 and 2023

Published on 13 November 2018

Romania, the electric mobility of Enel X is coming

It’s Romania’s turn to wear the purple of Enel X. The official announcement took place on 13 November in the capital, Bucharest, and with it, the brand’s distinctive combination of innovation and sustainability has landed on the roads connecting the beautiful regions of the country. Enel X Romania’s primary goal is the installation of e-vehicle charging infrastructure that will cover the entire country. Between 2019 and 2023, around 2,500 charging points will be installed, covering every region of the country, the big cities and the main highways. The brand is fully committed to bringing its experience in e-mobility technology to Romania to support zero impact alternative transport and to contribute to achieving the targets fixed by the European Union for the reduction of polluting emissions.

Next year the first 300 charging points will be installed in Bucharest, Timisoara and Constanta. Arrangements are also being made for the possible adaptation of the coverage and distribution of the charging network for corporate fleets, as a consequence of the evolution of electric vehicles and the growing demand from companies. In order to convert the nation’s drivers to the culture of electric mobility, it is essential to create strategic collaborations. To do this, Enel X is building a network of partnerships in Romania, just as it has done elsewhere, with shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels interested in offering charging stations to those clients that value environmental sustainability and new technology. At the same time, a similar service will be offered to local administrations that want to encourage their residents to switch to e-mobility in order to improve the quality of their cities.

On the subject of the charging stations, the infrastructure set for installation in Romania from 2019 is based on the latest generation technology developed by Enel X. The turnkey solutions, designed and tailored to meet the requirements of individuals, companies and institutions, consist of the Quick Station (22 kW), Fast (50 kW) and Ultrafast (150 kW). The entire product range of the Juice family will be presented in Bucharest, with particular emphasis on the latest arrivals: JuicePole - the station designed for roadside charging, made extremely user friendly with the new Enel X Recharge App and capable of charging two cars simultaneously at a power level of 22 kW; JuiceBox - which can be installed in private garages and is also available in a version suitable for charging corporate fleets; and JuiceLamp - an innovative solution, created by Enel X that combines charging infrastructure with public lighting. JuiceLamp is not only a smart LED lamp streetlight that can provide charging for two electric cars simultaneously via remote control, it can also be configured for video surveillance, air quality monitoring and connectivity with fibre or urban Wi-Fi. Enel X Romania will be a “co-pilot” for companies that opt for e-mobility, analysing and offering the best charging and vehicle solutions based on the customers’ specific requirements.

The launch of Enel X in Bucharest is an important addition to Enel’s presence in the Romanian energy sector, in which the Group already has a leadership role in the deregulated energy market offering a varied range of services that include the distribution, supply and production of renewable energy. In Romania too, the Enel brand is synonymous with digitalisation, investment in modernising distribution infrastructure, smart meters, online contracts and, above all, personalised offers for customers and tailor-made products designed to meet the individual needs of the consumer.

Today, 2.5% of cars on Romania’s roads are powered by electric motors. The Romanian government is offering incentives of 10,000 euro to encourage drivers to choose an e-vehicle, embrace electric culture and, thereby, improve air quality, which is heavily polluted in cities as traffic congested as Bucharest.

Enel X Romania is focusing its commitment on providing electric vehicle owners and company fleets with the possibility to travel all over the country, from east to west, north to south, without having to worry about where to find the next charging station. This ambitious project, which also involves the development of widespread public charging infrastructure over the next five years, will enable clean, sustainable transportation throughout Romania.” Marius Chiriac, Head of Enel X Romania.

Enel X has decided to bring its energy to Romania and to charge its cities with new sustainable, ecological and smart mobility. Because in Romania too the only future possible is, without a shadow of a doubt, electric.

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