Transparency is part of the culture at Enel X and Enel.Sole are the first two Energy Service Companies in Italy to be awarded the “Anti Bribery Management System” certification

Published on 24 September 2018

Transparency is part of the culture at Enel X

A significant achievement for Enel X Country Italia, with Alessio Torelli at the helm.

In just a few months the Quality division of HSEQ Italia has obtained “Anti Bribery Management System” certification, achieved with full marks by the two special purpose vehicles, and Enel Sole, Italy’s market leaders in energy efficiency.

The companies are Italy’s first two ESCos (Energy Service Companies) to be awarded the ISO 37001:2016 certification.

The work carried out by the team of quality experts, all certified Lead Auditors for Anti-corruption Management Systems, has enabled the development and implementation of a management system to prevent corruption. It is an outstanding example of best practice in Enel’s operations, as its implementation and operational methods are extremely agile, making it easy to replicate within the Group’s other companies.

A special Department for the Prevention of Corruption has also been set up to monitor to what degree the various divisions conform to the principles of the Management Systems established in response to the current and future regulatory framework and to raise awareness of these matters throughout the company. It is made up of experts from the Legal, Auditing and HESQ divisions, and adopts a cross-functional approach that is a vital element of the System.

As highlighted by the certifying body, when the certification operations are completed, possession of the certificate:

  • constitutes a real advantage in the authorisation of procuring entities and central purchasing bodies by ANAC, Italy’s independent anti-corruption regulatory body;
  • determines the attribution of the legality ratings by the AGCM, Italy’s competition and markets commission, for the purposes of allocating finance from public administrations and access to bank credit.

The market appeal is undeniable, which benefits our players.

Its importance is reflected by Alessio Torelli’s invitation to all the departments of Enel X Country Italia to promote and adopt the values of transparency and legality, and to highlight this distinctive element in everyday relationships with our external stakeholders.

The choice of ISO 37001 certification reflects a socially-responsible attitude that shows the company is willing to make a strong commitment to the fight against corruption. The decision made by Enel X to certify the special purpose vehicles in Italy enhances the effectiveness of the anti-corruption instruments through the adoption of good practice that aims to achieve constant improvement and that leaves no room for any lack of transparency.  

In a country such as Italy, which occupies 54th place out of 180 countries in the International Corruption Perceptions Index rankings compiled by Transparency International, and where corruption is a subject of everyday discussion, it is crucial that a leading company in Italy’s energy sector places itself in the front line of reliability and credibility. 

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