Dublin Airport increases its operational resilience with Enel X’s Demand Response

DAA, the company that operates Dublin Airport, has turned to the expertise of Enel X to ensure flexible and efficient energy management. Through participation in the DS3 programme, the airport contributes to the stability of the national grid, providing over 3MW of fast flexible capacity

Published on 14 August 2018

Dublin Airport increases its operational resilience with Enel X’s Demand Response

Even energy travels safely at Dublin Airport.  daa, the company which operates the airport, has turned to the expertise of Enel X to guarantee flexible, sustainable and resilient management of energy.  Ireland is directing significant attention to renewable sources, heading briskly towards the previously announced goal:  by 2020, 40% of energy produced in the country must come from green sources.  Last April, the Irish electricity system created a world record, with 65% renewable, non-synchronous and intermittent energy at any moment of the day.

With the aim of balancing energy demand and offer, grid operators turn to alternative flexible sources, such as programmes of demand side response where clients with significant energy levels receive payment for reducing the amount of energy they take from the network during the phases of peak demand or system frequency instability.

In keeping with environmental awareness good practice, since 15 May 2018, Dublin airport has been a participant in the DS3 programme (the result of a previous pilot project) promoted by the public operator EirGrid, through the Enel Group subsidiary, EnerNoc.

DS3 is a new programme of ancillary services designed for larger clients who can rapidly provide the flexibility of their own distributed generation assets at times of frequency instability in the grid.  daa will contribute an overall supply of 11+MW of flexible capacity through EirGrid’s ancillary services programme (which was launched only a few months ago) and through the new wholesale electricity market for Ireland and Northern Ireland (I-SEM) scheduled for October.

Participating in EirGrid’s latest grid balancing schemes fits perfectly with our asset management and energy objectives. We are delighted to become part of the EnerNOC network of businesses that are enabling Ireland’s grid resilience while enhancing our own operational resilience.  EnerNOC provides us with the expertise, technology and support we need to successfully participate in these latest grid balancing schemes. Our signing up, testing, and early participation were all simple and seamless

Ian Clarke

Energy Manager, Dublin Airport

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