Sustainable tourism, charging up on clean energy

Enel X and Egea have signed an agreement to install 85 charging points in tourist areas across Piedmont and Liguria. This will make it possible to provide an 80% e-car battery charge in just 30 minutes

Sustainable tourism, charging up on clean energy

Tourism is one of the pillars of the Italian economy, thanks to the rich historic, artistic and natural heritage of its regions. But how can we work to preserve that heritage and its backdrop while promoting good practices in terms of environmental sustainability and economic and energy savings? Enel X and Egea have provided an answer to that question by lighting a green spark of energy in the province of Granda (Cuneo) that will soon extend out into the rest of Piedmont and nearby Liguria. The two companies, which share a mission to provide innovative services that will improve the day-to-day life of both private individuals and companies, have signed a memorandum of intent for the creation of a widespread network of charging stations for electric cars that will cover both regions and service 85 municipalities.

This project marks a further leap forward in the spread of mobile electricity in Italy. The development plan we have created with Enea will provide massive impetus to “green” tourism by encouraging types of mobility that reduce atmospheric and noise pollution while preserving the beauty of our country

Alessio Torelli

Head of Enel X Italy

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