Enel X Recharge, another boost for e-Mobility

The new free app for iOS and Android enables users to book the nearest charging station, choose the cheapest rate and monitor consumption in real time

Published on 8 May 2018

Enel X Recharge, another boost for e-Mobility

How can I find out if the charging station I want to use will be free when I get there? How do I use the coupons I’ve received? Do I have to insert the data associated with my card at every charge?

All these questions now have just one answer - Enel X Recharge, the new, free app compatible with iOS and Android, launched by Enel X to make charging your electric vehicle even easier, more user-friendly and convenient. All the charge operations you need are now available directly from your smartphone with a simple click and the app can be downloaded anywhere and can currently be used in Italy. 

What’s more, anyone subscribing to the service by the end of May will receive a welcome offer of 30kWh of free electricity that can be redeemed at any public charging station. The service is also available on the web.

Enel X Recharge is revolutionising the charging process, introducing a range of innovations and improvements on the previous e-goRicarica App: the convenience of having everything in a single charging service that combines the app with the card; easier access from your Facebook or Google account plus the ability to use an anonymous user’s app if you are using a car sharing service or a friend’s car.

The benefits of e-mobility are now widely acknowledged by most people: e-cars do not pollute and cost less in terms of fuel, maintenance costs and insurance, as well as being exempt from road tax. However, some drivers remain sceptical, worried about the possibility of running out of charge on the road. The Enel Group is addressing this by constructing an extensive infrastructure network in Italy and the rest of Europe to ensure range autonomy for electric vehicles both in the city and on longer journeys. The target is to have installed 7,000 charging stations in Italy by 2020 and 14,000 by 2022, providing coverage across the whole country. The new Enel X Recharge app enables you to use your touch screen to choose from thousands of charging stations in just a few seconds.

But how does it work? Enel X Recharge subscribers can use a customisable dashboard from which they can manage their rate plan and register their credit card, prepaid card or PayPal account. It will also be possible to associate a number of profiles with the same account, so the app can be used for Private, Corporate or Automotive purposes (for clients who have subscribed to the integrated offer with the home Wallbox). Coupons for free kWh can be stored in the “wallet” section, while in the “maps” section users’ own routes can be consulted and saved in Google Maps.

The new app’s mapping capabilities are based on a GPS geolocalisation system. Users can search for the nearest charging station in real time, check what type it is and whether it’s available and then book to ensure that an outlet will be free when they arrive. After tapping to confirm the booking, the user has fifteen minutes to reach the Quick or Fast charge station. It will also be possible to modify the rate plan at any time, so you can choose a flat rate or pay-as-you-go, depending on what best suits your needs. The app is made even more useful by a personal dashboard that is constantly updated to include all charging operations made, consumption, and bills sent out.

Enel X Recharge is transforming the e-car into the vehicle of our times, and the journey is becoming truly electrifying.

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