Enel X at the 10th Energy Efficiency Day

The energy transition and companies’ needs: the Enel X proposal

Published on 15 May 2018

Enel X at the 10th Energy Efficiency Day

Energy efficiency is now a key entry on every successful company’s organisational chart. The subject was discussed in Milan at the 10th Energy Efficiency in Industry Day, an event dedicated to technological developments that favour financial and environmental savings. The conference was held in the Rogers Room at the Milan Polytechnic and welcomed contributions from representatives from public bodies, academic experts and important players in the energy sector.

The day was divided into four sessions, packed with talks and panels, with a focus on current legislation and standards, technical innovation, consumer monitoring initiatives and baseline studies. The aim of the conference was to give participants an overall view of the energy market and a preview of what to expect in the near future, in the context of technological progress and the approach adopted by the leading energy sector companies.

Enel X was represented by Sonia Sandei, Head of Distributed Generation Sales, who outlined the brand’s vision for energy transition and companies’ needs.  

The Enel X workshop began by considering decarbonisation and the impact renewable energy is having on this process, which has been radically transformed by the digitalisation, thanks to the significant increase in investment between 2014 and 2016 in digital electricity infrastructure. Sonia Sandei pointed out how a focus on developing clients’ needs has made a valuable contribution to the development of new personalised services. These are based on a sustainability-centred approach that targets sustainability, complementing the company’s forecast that by 2040 electricity will be the main source of consumption. Among the elements presented to participants were the four Enel X brand lines (e-Industries, e-Mobility, e-Home and e-City) and the recent acquisition of foreign companies like Demand Energy, EnerNOC and eMotorWerks. This has helped reposition the Enel Group in the new energy ecosystem, a flexible, optimised environment where energy is a service provided by technologies like Demand Response and Vehicle-to-Grid.

There was a special emphasis on e-mobility, “an industrial development opportunity for Italy,” not forgetting Enel’s role as first mover in the sustainable mobility revolution. The Group is to install 14,000 charging stations by 2022, launching a supply chain that is experiencing very healthy growth.

Sonia Sandei ended her talk by presenting the Enel X proposal, a design structured around intelligent management of the entire energy ecosystem. This involves Demand Response programmes, electricity recharging infrastructure, renewable sources and energy storage, creating a model where efficiency is a new opportunity. 

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