Enel X, Carlini Signal and Alpiq InTec Italia working together to upgrade the tunnels along the E45 motorway

The three companies have won the tender called by Anas for the renovation of the tunnel systems along the Orte-Cesena motorway with innovative “smart tunnel” technology

Published on 21 May 2018

Enel X, Carlini Signal and Alpiq InTec Italia working together to upgrade the tunnels along the E45 motorway

The modernisation of the ventilation systems and of road signs with the latest LED technology, the energy efficiency of the lighting fixtures, the installation of the fire prevention system and the installation of video surveillance cameras. These are just some of the projects that Enel Sole, a subsidiary of Enel X, in partnership with Carlini Signal and Alpiq InTec Italia, will carry out both inside and outside the tunnels of the E45 Orte-Cesena motorway, with a contract that will last 36 months. The three organisations have in fact created a Temporary Grouping of Companies to take part in the tender called by Anas for the renovation of the installations with an emphasis on energy efficiency, sustainability and cutting-edge technology. The thing that distinguishes the project is its innovative “smart tunnel” technology, which ensures greater safety for drivers, especially in the event of fire.

Through Enel Sole, Enel X is a leader in smart solutions for public lighting and has already turned on its sustainable light throughout Italy, with tangible benefits for the environment, as well as significant energy savings for local governments and institutions. Carlini Signal S.r.l. is a company with 40 years' experience in the field of lighting, traffic lights and road signs, while Alpiq InTec Italia, the Italian branch of the Swiss Alpiq Group, specialises in technology and energy.

The new eco-friendly lights, which will illuminate the long artery that crosses the green heart of Italy, through the regions of Lazio and Romagna, will be supplied by ARIANNA LED. The distinctive feature of these lights is their luminous efficacy, which is guaranteed by an international patent that ensures high standards for reliable and easy maintenance. The ARIANNA lighting fixtures offer excellent visibility when driving, meeting the strict requirements of road safety with a glare level of only a fifth of the values set by current legislation. Not only that, the technology used provides high performance in terms of spacing. In addition, the LEDs in the tunnels are designed to interface with the main remote control modules on the market (Algorab, Reverberi, UMPI). The average luminous efficacy (lm/W) offered is 136.47 lm/W and each ARIANNA lighting fixture is covered by an 11-year warranty.

The key term in this agreement is undoubtedly road safety, of which the “smart tunnel” is a hallmark feature. Indeed one of the critical issues in terms of road conditions concerns motorway tunnels which, in the event of fire, can reach temperatures as high as a thousand degrees, requiring up to 48 hours to be extinguished. The extinguishing technology proposed during the tender involves the installation of fixed nozzles along the entire length of the tunnel, with an automatic detection system programmed according to water-saving criteria. 

This agreement marks the entry of Enel X into a new sector alongside leading partners. We are particularly happy because technological innovation, which always guides Enel X’s commitment in many fields, in this case is being put at the service of a cause that is very close to our hearts: namely, that of people’s safety

Francesco Venturini

CEO of Enel X

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