Linares welcomes sustainable LEDs

The Enel Group has won a public lighting tender involving the replacement of old units and the installation of 9,000 new LED lights in the Maule region

Published on 30 April 2018

Linares welcomes sustainable LEDs

ENEL DISTRIBUCIÓN CHILE S.A. has just won a contract for the replacement and maintenance of 9,000 public lighting units in Linares, a city located 300 kilometres south of the Chilean capital, Santiago, in the country’s Maule region. The Enel Group has now brought its new vision to Chile, part of a strategy that is based not only on electricity distribution in the metropolitan areas but also on the provision of advanced, low environmental impact technical services.

The new units ENEL DISTRIBUCIÓN CHILE S.A. is to install on the streets of Linares are LED systems that generate energy savings of 63% and have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, three times longer than previous systems. The project will see the replacement of over 80% of the city’s public lighting, enhancing not only the light quality but also the safety of the metropolitan area’s 80,000 inhabitants.

This project is one of the largest and most significant contracts won outside our normal area of activity, installing an additional 130,000 points that enable us to continue our expansion in the market in a number of the Chilean regions

Simone Tripepi

Head of e-Solutions for Enel Chile

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