Electric buses: Enel technology on the streets of Santiago, Chile

Transantiago purchased its first electric buses from Enel and transferred them to the operator Metbus; they are already operating on the streets of Santiago, Chile with excellent user feedback

Published on 12 February 2018

Electric buses: Enel technology on the streets of Santiago, Chile

Enel has developed an electric bus model to offer a zero-impact alternative to operators competing for Transantiago, the urban public transport system of the metropolitan area of Santiago, Chile. Our Group has, in fact, developed a “turnkey” package that includes engineering and construction projects, as well as the provision of charging stations and energy to power all the electric buses of the Chilean capital's public transport system.

The first two electric buses purchased from Enel and delivered to the operator Metbus were officially added to the Transantiago fleet in November 2017. The vehicles travel daily routes on the streets of Santiago, and are soon to be joined by extra buses to complete an electric fleet that will number 90 e-buses in total. Route 516 is one of Metbus’s most demanding journeys in that it transports more than a thousand passengers every day along a challenging route that includes a number of steep inclines. Each bus travels the route from one end to the other four times a day, covering on average 230 kilometres. If we consider the efficiency in terms of Km/Kwh in a comparison with the average performance of a bus powered by a diesel engine, the reduction in costs is greater than 55%. And as far as operating and maintenance costs are concerned, there is no additional cost that can be attributed to electric motors compared to their polluting counterparts.

Enel provides the necessary infrastructure for charging the vehicles, enabling the widespread introduction of electric public transport in both the capital Santiago and in other metropolitan regions of Chile. The company is actually contributing towards decontaminating the cities, taking part in a process that is improving the quality of life of Chile’s citizens

Simone Tripepi

Manager of Enel X Chile

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