Electric mobility has a new name in Spain: Endesa X

Spanish electric mobility has a new name: Endesa X. The new brand had its official launch in Madrid on 16 November and it brings a range of innovative solutions to Spain which will revolutionise transport there and turn it into a model of sustainability.  

Endesa X plans to install 8,500 public recharging points, more than 2,ooo of which will be up and running within the next two years, making it easier for e-vehicle drivers to flit from city to city. The points will cover more than 15,000 kilometres of the country’s busiest roads. The first part of the Endesa X plan to green Spanish transport will guarantee access to public charging infrastructure for around 75% of the population. The second part, which rolls out between 2021 and 2023, will see more than 6,500 charging points installed in urban areas, along the main motorways and on Spain’s islands. Endesa X plans to install around 100,000 private charging points in residential buildings and on corporate premises. This all-green charging infrastructure will involve an investment of 65 million euro with in excess of 100,000 charging points being installed over the next five years. They will all be powered by renewable sources. This is by far the most ambitious electric mobility programme ever planned in Spain and it was unveiled at an event at Madrid’s Goya Theatre by Endesa CEO José Bogas, Endesa X Head Josep Trabado and Endesa X Head of e-Mobility Elena Bernárdez. Also present was Enel X CEO Francesco Venturini, who gave the closing address.  

Electric mobility is a strategic cornerstone for Endesa, since it is a fundamental step towards achieving a fully decarbonised energy system by 2050, a goal we share with all the countries that signed the COP 21 Paris agreements, and a large number of different national and international players.

José Bogas, Endesa CEO